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First Post: Duck and Cover

Well hell, looky what I have here? I caved, got a journal, and am stalking the interweb! My aim? To clear any and ALL misunderstandings about me, my Fandom (Gundam Wing) and everything in between!!

If you don't know me by now, you soon will do! But an intro is an into and my name's Maxwell, Duo Maxwell. AKA: Shinigami. AKA: Owner of the Hottest Ass in Anime. AKA: Your Lord and Master. AKA: NOT A FUCKING UKE, Mmkay?

Seriously people, what gives? Is it the hair? I LIKE my hair! But does long hair automatically mean I bend over for every tom, dick and harry? HELL NO!! (no pun intended, btw, but if you see one feel free to point and laugh!) Gods damn it, my fandom SUCKS when it comes to me. They either love me, or love to see me suffer. Does anyone care about MY feelings, huh? Damnit all...!! I can take on ANY OF YOU! And come out on top! XD What's worse is it's kids writing shit about me these days. BLOODY KIDS!! GIRLS! TWELVE YEAR OLDS WITHOUT TWO BRAINCELLS TO RUB TOGETHER!! The fuck... How the hell would a 12 year old girl know ANYTHING about me, men or gay sex? It's... disturbing. REALLY disturbing.

Fandom: Can't live with it. Not enough C4 in the whole gods damn Earth Sphere to blow the bastard up!

Heey~ Heero and Wuffie are here too? Well fuck me! ^^

Heero, man, what is with that NAME?? guns_n_spandex?? Sounds like a name I'd choose for you! Were you on crack or somethin at the time??
Wuffers, same question... the HELL does that name mean?

While I'm on names, what crack was the fandom smoking when they started believing I called Heero Hee-chan?? I'd have to be SERIOUSLY drunk to wanna call him, or anyone, that! Jeez, if the fandom didn't already think I was an idiot, they make shit up to make me look even WORSE! WHY THE HELL DO YOU TWO GET OFF SO LIGHTLY?? What? Do I need a bigger gun or something to be taken seriously? The nightmarish Gundam I own isn't big or bad enough? The high explosives I routinely use isn't expert enough to warrant me SOME intelligence??

In case no one's figured it out now, this is a pet peeve of mine! I WILL bitch and whine and moan about the INJUSTICES committed to me, my character, and my fandom! Don't like it? Tough shit! Get used to it! >:|

Come on guys, back me up! You two and Trowa got the better deals. Me and Quatre... they turned us into freakin WIMPS!! Didn't they SEE him blow up a colony??!

I'll warn y'all ahead of time, when I get bored, I talk, and when I talk, I'll post, and when I post, I'll post a LOT! So, heads up, just so you know! Good to meet you all though!

If you comment or whatever, do me a favour and tell me who you are and the fandom you're from, it'll save me the trouble of looking you up!

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